How do I donate a maternity package?

Thankyou for all your donations. We will write about our work in Mufindi on our blog, starting in November 2016!

Because of the postage prices, all the maternity packages must weigh the same amount. That’s why it’s important that the package contains all the products listed. If some of them are missing, you can replace them with similar ones. Hygiene products are not needed.

Our time frame is to collect the boxes until the end of 2015, the timetable will adjust depending on the amount of maternity boxes that we recieve. If any changes occour to the timetable, we will announce about it here on the website and on our facebook page Äidiltä toiselle (Mother to mother)

  1. Make sure your package contains all the clothes listed here.
  2. You can add a small greeting from you and your child into the box. It can be a photo, a drawing or a short letter, for example.
  3. Send the package to us (10,50 €) to:

(Unfortunately we can’t pay the postage prices. You can also leave the packages outside the door to the address above.)

You’ll find us on Instagram under the name @aidiltatoiselle.

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