About us

Our team:

Ella Vahtiala (Kokkola), nurse, project coordinator.

Leena Pasanen (Mufindi), pediatrician, who has worked over 30 years in Tanzania, contact in Mufindi

Susan Vinton (Mufindi), teacher from the US, Home Based Care- program, contact in Mufindi

Osmo Rosti (Jyväskylä), chairman of an organization Mufindin ystävät, finance trustee

Heli Varpe (Turku), a student who has volunteered in Tanzania, planner of the project

Pirita Varpe (Raisio), gastro surgeon, doctor of medical science, planner of the project

Mufindin Ystävät Ry, read more on: www.mufindinystavat.net/

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